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Everythingian encounters with the celebrity elite.

1 I could've kissed Orson Welles (idea) riverrun writeup
2 The last time I saw Orson Welles (idea) riverrun writeup
3 Celebrities I have served   e2node
4 The day I met Robert Anton Wilson (person) moodster writeup
5 Jimmy Ray (person) Sheepzalu writeup
6 Blanking famous people: a London sport (idea) the gazelle writeup
7 Patrick Stewart (person) Scupper writeup
8 Patrick Stewart (person) AudieMcCall writeup
9 Donald Sutherland (person) owlman writeup
10 Sheryl Crow (person) owlman writeup
11 Cult of the Dead Cow (person) kinglink writeup
12 You sad cookie, you CARE more about filthy rich pretty people you'll never meet (person) ReiToei writeup
13 March 3, 2003 (thing) kthejoker writeup
14 Sigourney Weaver (person) Scupper writeup
15 Lemmy Kilmister (thing) iocane writeup
16 John Hannah (idea) iocane writeup
17 Stephen Fry (idea) iocane writeup
18 Tom Baker (person) Oolong writeup
19 October 20, 1999 (log) spiregrain writeup
20 Trent Reznor (thing) 667 writeup
21 Vince Furnier (person) siouxsie writeup
22 Beck (person) mellamaphone writeup
23 I once helped Jason Priestley's girlfriend find his dick (idea) WolfDaddy writeup
24 George Takei (person) Rancid_Pickle writeup
25 You're so funny I think I'll kick your ass (idea) Halspal writeup
26 Get back to where you once belonged (idea) Halspal writeup
27 The importance of being Ernie (idea) Halspal writeup
28 James Brown (idea) fatboyrafe writeup
29 I just shook Bill Clinton's hand (idea) regeneration writeup
30 Andrew Wiles (person) Noether writeup
31 Insane Clown Posse (idea) impishlaugh writeup
32 Insane Clown Posse (idea) Reverend Screwdriver writeup
33 Black Hole Sun (thing) lawnjart writeup
34 Steve Lawrence (person) dem bones writeup
35 February 18, 2001 (thing) Ahab writeup
36 Sean Connery (person) Andukar writeup
37 The day I met Joe Walsh (idea) Mad_Dog_Fargo writeup
38 March 25, 2000 (place) ideath writeup
39 Pete Sampras (idea) burnboy writeup
40 How not to meet a Nobel Laureate (idea) fizzer writeup
41 David Sedaris (person) Ahab writeup
42 I once held Mr Rogers hostage (thing) Ahab writeup
43 Barry Sanders (thing) discofever writeup
44 Chrissie Hynde (person) Transitional Man writeup
45 Ralph Nader (idea) qousqous writeup
46 August 11, 2004 (person) cole_p writeup
47 How Lars Ulrich made me quit my job at a movie theater (thing) harveysad writeup
48 John Paul II (idea) LeoDV writeup
49 Christina Ricci (person) rara avis writeup
50 Celebrity encounters (idea) Jet-Poop writeup

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