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1 Captain Marvel (person) JD writeup
2 Hellboy (person) Jet-Poop writeup
3 American Splendor (thing) Basement_Johnny writeup
4 Batman (thing) Walter writeup
5 Batman (thing) Tempestas writeup
6 Bulletproof Monk (thing) jmn32 writeup
7 The Crow (thing) Wuukiee writeup
8 The Crow (review) alex writeup
9 Daredevil (thing) owlman writeup
10 Dark Dungeons (review) JD writeup
11 The Diary of a Teenage Girl (review) JD writeup
12 Fantastic Four (review) HCShannon writeup
13 From Hell (thing) Indra363 writeup
14 From Hell (thing) MizerieRose writeup
15 Gen13 (thing) Dr Awkward writeup
16 Ghost Rider (person) Habakkuk writeup
17 Ghost World (thing) conform writeup
18 Ghost World (idea) zygoticmynci writeup
19 Ghost World (review) ZoeB writeup
20 Heavy metal (thing) Lord Brawl writeup
21 Heavy metal (thing) ursus writeup
22 Heavy metal (thing) Andara writeup
23 Howard the Duck (person) passport writeup
24 Iron Man (review) The Custodian writeup
25 Iron Man (review) TheLady writeup
26 Iron Man (review) StrawberryFrog writeup
27 Josie and the Pussycats (thing) 18thCandidate writeup
28 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (thing) Servo5678 writeup
29 Mystery Men (thing) Karla writeup
30 Mystery Men (idea) liminal writeup
31 Olive Oyl (person) /dev/joe writeup
32 Persepolis (thing) CruelTutelage writeup
33 Popeye (person) PyramidSong writeup
34 Popeye (thing) Pacifix writeup
35 Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (review) JD writeup
36 The Punisher (thing) Braunbeck writeup
37 Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (review) waverider37 writeup
38 Sin City (place) Walter writeup
39 Spider-Man (idea) wonko writeup
40 Stardust (review) AspieDad writeup
41 Superman (idea) Randofu writeup
42 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (thing) 18thCandidate writeup
43 Uzumaki (thing) Cloth writeup
44 V for Vendetta (thing) Space Cat writeup
45 V for Vendetta (idea) LadySidhe writeup
46 V for Vendetta (thing) perplexion writeup
47 V for Vendetta (idea) agoodmixture writeup
48 V for Vendetta (idea) SyntaxVorlon writeup
49 V for Vendetta (review) ZoeB writeup
50 Watchmen (thing) ryano writeup

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