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11 City Club (place) avalyn writeup
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13 Nicole Blackman (person) avalyn writeup
14 Assemblage 23 (thing) avalyn writeup
15 SuicideGirls (review) avalyn writeup
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19 Projekt Records (thing) rivet writeup
20 lycia (thing) dischord writeup
21 Black tape for a blue girl (person) nuage writeup
22 Swans   e2node
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24 darkwave (idea) Kesper North writeup
25 EBM (idea) ex0teric writeup
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27 Apoptygma Berzerk (thing) divalessor writeup
28 KMFDM (thing) Space Butler writeup
29 Bauhaus (thing) Wolfang writeup
30 Dead Can Dance (thing) hramyaegr writeup
31 The Sisters of Mercy (person) dem bones writeup
32 Siouxsie and the Banshees (thing) wharfinger writeup
33 Faith and The Muse (person) graymalkn writeup
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