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See LoveQuest 2011: Chocolates, Sonnets, and Alcohol for the details on these nodes.

1 LoveQuest 2011: Chocolates, Sonnets, and Alcohol (event) GhettoAardvark writeup
2 A cat called Manchester (dream) Orangeduck writeup
3 The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World (review) Glowing Fish writeup
4 Better Loving Through Chemistry (fiction) vandewal writeup
5 Cold comfort (poetry) DonJaime writeup
6 Darlinn (fiction) tanktop writeup
7 Death takes a piss (fiction) Zephronias writeup
8 dissected love (poetry) drownzsurf writeup
9 Down by The Cherry Tree (personal) Stuart writeup
10 Enter perfect couple, he owns all the keys (fiction) Zephronias writeup
11 February 14, 2011 (log) lizardinlaw writeup
12 Forget women - here's what men want (fiction) Intentions writeup
13 The heartbeat at our fingertips (poetry) Intentions writeup
14 How do I kludge thee? Let me count the ways (idea) Croakery writeup
15 I tried polyamory and all I got were these two awesome boyfriends (how-to) Egeria writeup
16 June 22, 2009 (personal) Intentions writeup
17 Introducing yourself to the one-breasted woman (person) wertperch writeup
18 Life's a beach (a fish story) (fiction) tanktop writeup
19 Love and Abuse (essay) lizardinlaw writeup
20 Love and Addiction (essay) lizardinlaw writeup
21 Love and Jealousy (thing) lizardinlaw writeup
22 So I'm wrestling with the demoness while the priest is trying not to soil his vestments, and Faust is just sitting there like an idiot (fiction) Zephronias writeup