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1 Of Dragons and Magic and Thunderstorms   e2node
2 girl of the knife   e2node
3 take my castle down   e2node
4 the beauty of the heart   e2node
5 Are you hoping for a miracle?   e2node
6 your warm whispers   e2node
7 Beast Infernal - Red Dragon   e2node
8 there is hope everywhere   e2node
9 definite demise, she soars further, taller, stronger, larger   e2node
10 looking for an empty dream to fill   e2node
11 like fireflies in the dark   e2node
12 Sagamore   e2node
13 and the voice of someone now mute   e2node
14 Slipping through your bejewelled fingers   e2node
15 a gaping thousand eyes of darkness   e2node
16 listening at the cracks now; I know you   e2node
17 blood and carnage and her slow ascent   e2node
18 I have heard you whisper in your dreams   e2node
19 be silent my bird, you tear me apart   e2node
20 put your hand over the side of the boat   e2node
21 How To Destroy Angels   e2node
22 in silence, knowledge of the heart   e2node
23 dead, but longing to touch   e2node
24 I will be hard and silver and pure without fear. (thing) antigravpussy writeup
25 Don't cry for the Angels   e2node
26 The Fragmentation   e2node
27 Song of the Deep   e2node
28 a child so serene   e2node
29 turning the key   e2node
30 Wild tides guard her secrets (thing) antigravpussy writeup
31 the dark in the light, the light in the dark (thing) antigravpussy writeup
32 When you burn at your fingers what smolders in your head (thing) antigravpussy writeup
33 I loved you for your beauty (thing) antigravpussy writeup
34 The Thousand Eyes Watching (thing) antigravpussy writeup
35 At the hanging tree (thing) antigravpussy writeup
36 I must have called a thousand times (thing) antigravpussy writeup
37 you no longer denied me (thing) antigravpussy writeup
38 Goodbye is just a word (personal) antigravpussy writeup