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I came to realize, once, that I seem to have written several stories in the particular setting of, or closely related to, space travel. Some of it contemporary; some of it futurist, some of it horror, some of it post-apocalyptic. This is a gathering of the various stories of space travel I have produced. Not pure sci-fi set in space, although one or two are close to that - rather, stories intimately concerned with the business and process of space exploration, travel and industry. They're roughly ordered by the time they're set in.

Some of it's depressing. Some of it's exhilarating (to me, at least). Some of it's old writing, some new. Some is just plain bad. But it's all about space - getting there, and what we do.

I'm no Heinlein, that's for sure. But in my own small way, I honor him. And Niven. And Pohl. And Zelazny. And Smith. And Clarke. And all of them, really.

UPDATE: These nodes are temporarily (with one exception) in hiding. I'm submitting an ebook with these titles to Amazon Kindle, and they have systems which sometimes sweep the net looking for matching text. Once I'm no longer in Kindle Select, they'll probably return. Sorry about that. If you'd like a copy for your very own, check here! -custo

1 The Comsat Angels (fiction) The Custodian writeup
2 heady nights, radar ghosts and dead cosmonauts (fiction) The Custodian writeup
3 On-orbit fleshtones and bumps in the night (fiction) The Custodian writeup
4 Universal destructor (fiction) The Custodian writeup
5 The screams grow in green ice (fiction) The Custodian writeup
6 A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (fiction) The Custodian writeup
7 Notes from the Long Dark (fiction) The Custodian writeup
8 Life in the Shadows of Giants (fiction) The Custodian writeup
9 We are trapped in the belly of this horrible machine, and the machine is bleeding to death (fiction) The Custodian writeup
10 Our eyes reflect the light of dead suns (fiction) The Custodian writeup
11 Desiderata of Time and Elevation (fiction) The Custodian writeup
12 A Trembling in the Sun, the Tang of Iron on the Wind (fiction) The Custodian writeup
13 Your Eyes Will Taste Of The Flowers (fiction) The Custodian writeup
14 on the blink (fiction) The Custodian writeup
15 Site survey (fiction) The Custodian writeup