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The original premise for Stacks was written in 2009. I want to say it was in July of that year, but I could be confusing it with some other old pieces, I might have written the first draft later in the year. It was always something that I wanted to develop into something bigger. I knew it would be important to me, and it is. The idea (nay, the need) to incorporate my beliefs on the afterlife and parenthood came to me in early 2018. Other pieces and themes were added gradually over 11+ years, but the piece retains the original premise's style and tone. This might be the earliest example of something I've written that's worth a damn, even if it's been altered many times over the years. Like most things that mean a lot to me, I don't expect this series to go over well with readers. It's ok. I didn't make it for you.


Unless you're. You know. You.

(or if you're Justin Vernon)

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