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"Stories from The World" is a collection of serial fiction and maybe some related short stories that might have been a novel, if I was a more disciplined writer.

In The World, magical realism abounds, things are not always what you want them to be, and I take the opportunity to put my own spin on some well-worn tropes and formulas. I'm no master craftsman, but it's fun to write.

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1 Tumbling into The World   e2node
2 Is there a witch doctor in the house?   e2node
3 The middleman always takes a cut   e2node
4 A man of knowledge increaseth strength   e2node
5 Introduction to Demonology   e2node
6 How does a demon eat a Reese's peanut butter cup?   e2node
7 To bluff a demon   e2node
8 The taming of the shrill   e2node