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Maintained By: Evil Catullus

The ongoing adventures of that lovable family of murderous supervillains.

1 How it all began   e2node
2 The Thanksgiving battle   e2node
3 Lady Deathblast's Lover   e2node
4 Robots and comic books   e2node
5 Sometimes I think you love that doomsday machine more than you love me.   e2node
6 Latex. High heels. Knives.   e2node
7 I remember when it was me who made you want to take over the world and enslave humanity   e2node
8 I was a teenage Overlord   e2node
9 This little light of mine   e2node
10 My funny villaintine   e2node
11 This wicked life   e2node
12 All things truly wicked   e2node
13 Darkness lights its own way   e2node
14 No rest   e2node
15 There is a crack in everything   e2node
16 They are mine. They are dead.   e2node
17 The education of little overlords   e2node
18 It's not my fault that I'm so evil   e2node
19 Hell hath no fury like a villainess scorned   e2node