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1 ABC of Anarchism   e2node
2 Port Huron Statement (thing) anotherone writeup
3 Das Kapital - Chapter 1, Section 1 (thing) K9 writeup
4 The Scots Confession (thing) SophiesCat writeup
5 A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (thing) SophiesCat writeup
6 Letters to Dead Authors (idea) dotc writeup
7 The Over-Soul (idea) XCthulhu writeup
8 On Dreams (thing) AU writeup
9 Poetics   e2node
10 Nicomachean Ethics (thing) viterbiSearcher writeup
11 Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions (thing) hramyaegr writeup
12 Meditations of Marcus Aurelius (thing) blaaf writeup
13 The Prince (thing) moJoe writeup
14 The Log of Christopher Columbus (thing) blaaf writeup
15 Woodrow Wilson's 1914 State of the Union Address (thing) Laura Elizabeth writeup
16 Declaration of Neutrality (thing) Laura Elizabeth writeup
17 BeaglePreface (idea) memebomb writeup
18 The Voyage Of The Beagle   e2node
19 The Essays of Francis Bacon (thing) Martian_Bob writeup
20 On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection (idea) cody writeup
21 Philosophische Untersuchungen (idea) apocryphist writeup