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important films, plays, video games, novels, etc.

1 Bag of Crushed Child   e2node
2 Forsaken on the Moon, How Will We Breathe?   e2node
3 Life on the Jones Farm   e2node
4 Revelation of the Lamb in Four Parts   e2node
5 The Lord of the Rings IV: Stop or my Gollum will Shoot!   e2node
6 The Lord of the Rings 1/2: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Middle-earth But Were Afraid to Produce   e2node
7 Parable of the Next Generation   e2node
8 Star Trek XI: Ailing Space Pope   e2node
9 The Jackal: Episode One: A Hero Has Risen, And She Demands Worker's Comp   e2node
10 The Joy Luck Fight Club   e2node
11 Gone in Sixty Seconds - A Theatre Quest   e2node
12 Clamdigger (thing) Vimes writeup
13 Roulez (thing) e2reneta writeup
14 Volcano Full of Starving Bears (idea) Morwen writeup
15 Don Quixote, Part Three   e2node