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important films, plays, video games, novels, etc.

1 Bag of Crushed Child   e2node
2 Forsaken on the Moon, How Will We Breathe?   e2node
3 Life on the Jones Farm   e2node
4 Revelation of the Lamb in Four Parts   e2node
5 The Lord of the Rings IV: Stop or my Gollum will Shoot!   e2node
6 The Lord of the Rings 1/2: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Middle-earth But Were Afraid to Produce   e2node
7 Parable of the Next Generation   e2node
8 Star Trek XI: Ailing Space Pope   e2node
9 The Jackal: Episode One: A Hero Has Risen, And She Demands Worker's Comp   e2node
10 The Joy Luck Fight Club   e2node
11 Gone in Sixty Seconds - A Theatre Quest   e2node
12 Clamdigger (thing) Vimes writeup
13 Roulez (thing) e2reneta writeup
14 Volcano Full of Starving Bears (idea) Morwen writeup
15 Don Quixote, Part Three   e2node
16 Lithic   category
17 The Glowing of the Fish   e2node