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All right, Physics and Chemistry are interesting, but
we want to hear more about people.

A Social Sciences Quest

Everything2 is not just an online encyclopedia, it's a community. Hard sciences may underly the engineering that makes Everything2 possible, but people choose which technology to create and use, and people build communities. Quite a few people are interested in how communities are built, but some of us here feel that the Everything2 encyclopedia covers the hard sciences much more thoroughly than it does the social sciences.

And so, this quest. This will probably be the only general "social sciences" quest, but future quests on individual disciplines are likely. We are looking for high-quality, in depth writeups on social sciences, submitted between July 4, 2003 and July 11, 2003, midnight server time. Rewards (see below) will be distributed beginning on 7/12/2003.

The quest is now over; submissions are no longer being accepted.


Each submission should be a new writeup or a thoroughly expanded existing writeup covering one or more topics of:

Biographies of famous social scientists will also be considered.

Despite the seeming exclusion of certain topics above, there are no firm lines here. Submit what you like, as long as it's somehow "social". Writeups on topics of History, Urban Planning, Environmental Science, and even Mathematics will be considered, if they illustrate a topic from one of the major disciplines.

As always, plagiarism will have dire consequences for the perpetrator.


How to enter

A noder who sumbits a new writeup should send a /msg to E2_Science, anthropod, or Gorgonzola, notifying them that the writeup is a quest submission.

A noder who wishes to revamp one of his or her own writeups should:

  1. Put the revised text in his or her scratchpad (don't post yet!),
  2. Send a /msg as described above,
  3. Wait for a reply as to whether we've looked at both versions,
  4. Post the revised text.


  • An extra C! from one of the quest sponsors
  • An extra 10 XP
  • The satisfaction of a job well done, and/or
  • A big sloppy kiss from EDB.

Sumbit as many entries as you like, but there will be one reward per noder.