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This document is not current, and is kept only for archival purposes. Please refer to Everything2 Help for all up-do-date help documents.

Follow the links below to help familiarize yourself with the unique and ridiculous terminology that the Everything2 community embraces as "neat". When someone starts talking about how EDB chinged their auto-noded ed-cooled writeup, you can decipher the sentence here.

Slang terms are shown in italics.


  • #everything This refers to an IRC chatroom that exists parallel to the Chatterbox. You need a chat client, like mIRC (www.mirc.com) or Snak (www.snak.com), and the address: irc.slashnet.org
  • ? This appears after you have no more votes left, unless you have them turned off on your Users Preferences screen. Note that you must be Level 2 to have voting rights.
  • @ This symbol appears next to some users in the chatterbox. It is used to indicate that the user is an Administrator. They have many powers to help you, and are a great source of advice and knowledge. They can assist you by fixing a mis-spelled node title or moving writeups to a more fitting location. Ask them anything, and drop them a Thank You for volunteering.
  • $ This symbol appears next to some users in the chatterbox. It is used to indicate that the user is a Content Editor, and can help you with your writeups. They are a friendly and helpful lot, so feel free to ask them questions or just tell them thanks for volunteering to keep Everything2 so neat and orderly.
  • ~ This symbol also appears in the chatterbox. It denotes that a user is in a different room than the standard (generic) meeting place called outside. If you place your mouse pointer over the symbol, some web browsers will actually tell you which room the user is in.
  • % This symbol appears next to some users in the chatterbox, but only if you are a member of EDEV, the development team. This is so you can converse with folks who help write code and generate ideas for Everything2. Nate, N-Wing and JayBonci are the Three Amigos who do the vast majority of the coding and tweaking, but there are a lot of interesting folks who contribute to advancing E2 code.
  • + This symbol indicates an upvote. Click on the circle next to it, then hit the VOTE button to indicate you like or appreciate the writeup.
  • - This symbol indicates a downvote. Click on the circle next to it, then hit the VOTE button to indicate you dislike or don't appreciate the writeup.
  • != From the programming community, this indicates "is not the same as", as in APPLES != Oranges.
  • | This symbol, called a pipe, allows you to re-direct a hardlink. As an example, examine this link: Love. This was made using [Hate|Love]. This is a good way to add hidden commentary, humour, or even better information for your own writeups.


  • 10xp This is the standard bonus experience points if someone "cools" or "chings" your writeup.


  • addiction Addiction is an E2 metric that is derived by dividing a user's devotion by the number of days they have been a user on Everything2.
  • ad-fu A genuine Everything nodifier concept that helps Blockstackers make money!
  • Administrator A person who helps to maintain Everything2. These folks are also called gods, but not in the all-powerful sense of the word... they have the power to perform needed tasks to help the system maintain its reliability and cohesiveness.
  • Animefu A sister project run by KurtThePope and CmdrTaco. This site uses the E2 engine, and is dedicated to the latest in Anime. They are one of the most prolific advertisers on E2.
  • Auto-noding A way of creating nodes using computer automation with minimal human intervention. Examples are Webster 1913 and the Jargon File. Auto-noding is generally frowned upon if used by the general user base, but it is used occasionally by the administration. If you have questions concerning using your computer to generate nodes, refer them to dem bones or nate.
  • autovoting Autovoting is using a script or program to cast votes for you. These are HIGHLY FROWNED UPON and should not be used, as the penalties may be harsh. The point of voting is to give your personal feedback on each individual writeup, and randomly voting skews the process. E2 now has safeguards against autovoting devices.


  • blab To send a message to a noder about a specific wrietup of theirs, using a box on the writeup itself. This automatically prefixes the message sent with "Re: its title". The button at the borrom is labelled "vote!" if you can, or "blab!" if you can't vote as you send it.
  • bless If one of the Administrators catches you doing something exceptional, they can "bless" you with additional experience points. The bless feature is also used to reward folks who donate time to improve a part of Everything2.
  • Blockstackers The parent company behind Everything2.
  • Borg or Borged A process wherein a user is put in a time-out situation because they were acting disruptive or childish. When a user is borged, they lose the ability to use the chatterbox for a finite period of time, which can be set by an administrator. Times range from a few minutes to many hours.
  • Bot A piece of code that performs a function. Bot is short for Robot.


  • C! For Level 4 and above users, the C! link appears at the top center of nodes they are reading. This links affords them the opportunity to Cool a node and grant the writer bonus Experience Points. C! is occasionally used as a slang term for Cool
  • c&p Slang for "Cut-and-Paste".
  • catbox Slang term for the chatterbox, refering to the amount of crap that can get added by some users.
  • Chatterbox A nodelet that simulates a chat client so that online users can talk to each other. Users may turn it off in their user settings. Additionally, a new separate Java-based Chatterbox can be used by going to Java Chatterbox. For additional information, refer to E2 FAQ: Chatterbox.
  • Ching! Slang for Cool. Sounds similar to a cash register drawer opening quickly. Watch out for Ching! of Death! Refer to Cool.
  • Content Editor The under-appreciated yet vital group of users who help to clean up the mess left by trolls and fools. This position is voluntary, and requires long hours with no pay. The rewards are knowing you're actually making a difference in maintaining the quality on E2. You can see who is a Content Editor by the $ symbol by their name in the Other Users nodelet.
  • content rescue Filling in a node with a good writeup or a capstone writeup where one isn't present; also filling in inadequate portions or aspects of other nodes.
  • Cool If a Level 4 (or above) user thinks your writeup is exceptional, they can Cool it, resulting in the name of the node being displayed on the front page of the website and you gaining 3 XP. Each user that elects to Cool your node will grant you an additional 3 XP.
  • Cool Archive The page that displays all the cooled writeups.
  • Cool Man Eddie A bot that tells you when a writeup of yours gets chinged or Editor Cooled.
  • CotC Slang for Cream of the Cool.
  • Cream of the Cool New writeups that are cool and have a reputation between 6 and 9 will be displayed on the front page under the name "Cream of the cool".
  • cut-and-paste Cutting and pasting (copying) text from a source other than yourself into a writeup. This must fall under the guidelines of fair use or will be a copyright violation if you haven't obtained the author's permission.


  • Daylog A daylog is akin to a free-form diary of life events. Note that these tend to have heavy up-and-down votes from people who are dumping their votes to receive the vote bonus.
  • Developer A nodelet that can be viewed by some users of E2. Appears in the sidebar, similar to the Vitals nodelet.
  • devotion Devotion is an E2 metric that is derived by multiplying a user's merit by the total number of writeups they have written.
  • Donation Box A way to donate money to keeping E2 afloat. E2 is a money sinkhole, and the owners do not make back the money they spend on keeping available to you. Drop a sawbuck on them if you can.


  • E2 The abbreviated form of Everything 2.
  • EBU See Everything's Best Users
  • EDB See Everything Death Borg
  • Editor Cool When an entire node is placed on the Page of Cool by an editor.
  • Everything FAQ Every noder should have read this. It contains a lot of valuable information about noding, and Everything 2.
  • Everything University A collection of informational nodes about Everything 2.
  • Everything Death Borg A foul creature that eats you, disallowing you use of the chatterbox for 5 minutes. Also known as EDB.
  • Experience Points The points you gain by writing good writeups and/or voting. Also known as XP
  • Everything's Best Users Basically the persons with the most Experience Points.
  • editor One who performs editorial duties. Ranges from deleting sub-standard writeups to moving writeups to a more apropos node.
  • editor log An editor log is a listing of writeups that were killed by editors. Some editors choose to keep a log in order to let an author know who removed the writeup.
  • editor cool When a node is judged to be exceptional, an editor has the option to Editor Cool it. All the authors within that node will be notified by Cool Man Eddie. The node will be listed on the front page and a separate page of Editor Cooled nodes.
  • e1 The original form of Everything. Most writeups made before December 1999 were actually from E1.


  • FAQ Frequently Asked Questions.
  • firmlink A link that can be placed at the top of a node to direct an interested user to more or similar information.
  • factual noding Writing about facts. Factuals tend to be ignored at first, but they gain votes in the long run.
  • factuals Slang for Factual Node.


  • Getting To Know You Slang term for a node whose existance is to give limited information about someone's opinion or life. They are usually in the form of a question, such as How many people have you had sex with? Some people hate this type of node, others love it. Subjective node, subject to deletion.
  • god An Administrator. Note the lower-case "g".
  • gtky Slang for Getting to Know You.


  • Hard linking Creating a link in a writeup by placing brackets ([ ]) around a word, sentence or phrase so that whoever reads it can follow the link.





  • Level When you have gained enough XP, and have done enough writeups, you will gain a level. The higher your level, the more votes and cools you can pass out.
  • link can be a hard link, soft link, or pipe link
  • List Node These are similar to metanodes, except they are added to an existing node for reference. One should add more apropos information than just dumping a list of links.


  • marked for destruction A message that states that an editor has marked a writeup so it will be deleted during the next maintenance cycle.
  • merit Merit is an E2 metric that is derived by taking the interquartile mean of the reputation of a user's writeups. Merit is used to calculate the Honor Roll.
  • metanode Metanodes are basically giant lists of related nodes. Adding the term "metanode" to a node title is considered a faux-pas, something to be avoided.


  • Namespace To namespace a node is to put unnecessary information in the title. Most often associated with song lyrics, an example of namespacing would be titling a node "The Beatles - Hold My Hand" as opposed to simply "Hold My Hand" and including in the writeup itself that it's a single by The Beatles. Don't namespace. Put stuff where it goes.
  • Node Something that was written about. For example, this node is called E2 Glossary. A node consists of one, or more, writeups.
  • nodegel Slang term for the body of E2.
  • Nodeshell A node without writeups. These are created when somebody is about to write something in a new node, but bails out at the last moment. A nodeshell may also be the result of a node with all of the writeups deleted - normally the nodeshell is removed as well at that point.
  • Noder A person who creates nodes.
  • Noding The act of creating nodes.
  • nodevertising When a noder is constantly babbling about one of his writeups in the chatterbox, or in other nodes. The goal of this is to get it voted up, or at least noticed. This is something evil, and should not be done. If you choose to do it anyway, be prepared to suffer the consequences.
  • node audit Going through your old writeups and requesting your substandards ones be deleted.
  • node tracker A way of tracking your individual writeup performance. Refer to cowofdoom.com
  • nodeshare The percentage of nodes that you wrote, compared to all the nodes in the database. The higher your nodeshare, the higher the chance that one of your nodes will come up in random node
  • nodelet A part of a standard page that is used to impart information, like the Chatterbox, Vitals, and Epicenter.
  • node-fu A ratio of your XP to your writeups. The higher your node-fu, the better your wrteups are (theoretically).
  • nodeshell rescue Adding information to an empty nodeshell. Don't add something to fill up space! Make every writeup count.
  • nuke Slang for having a writeup removed from the database.



  • Page of Cool The place where editor picks wind up.
  • pipelink Allows you to re-direct a link. As an example, examine this link: Love. This was made using [Hate|Love]. This is a good way to add hidden commentary, humour, or even better information for your own writeups.
  • PoC Slang for Page of Cool.
  • Pulling an Asamoth Deleting the contents of all your writeups for one reason or another, or replacing them all with a short note asking that they be deleted. Requires extensive cleanup by the Editors. Typically followed by a rant on the home page.
  • perl Scripting language. Everything2 is based on Perl.



  • reputation The sum of votes on a writeup. When your writeup is voted down it will lose reputation, when voted up it will gain reputation. You can check the reputation of your writeups by doing a user search on yourself.


  • Soft link You create a "soft link" in a write up by visiting other nodes. This can be done by following hard links, or by using the "Search" field at the top of the page. Soft links are displayed below the node.
  • striping votes The act of voting on all the writeups of a node. Practiced when one feels thorough or simply wants to dump all the votes he has left.
  • soft lock A node can be capped so that no further writeups are allowed - see an editor if you wish to add a writeup to these nodes.
  • superdoc The page you are reading right now is a superdoc. There are a number of different types of 'document' nodes - they are generally the "official" pages of the database. Examples include Everything New Nodes, Message Inbox and E2 FAQ. Superdocuments are able to execute code. The home nodes for the admin / gods group of the editorial staff are also superdocs. Some superdocuments are restricted to gods only, content editors only etc.


  • trolling Being rude and obnoxious to get attention. Practiced by imbeciles and two year old kids.
  • troll One who practices trolling. Visits the bowels of EDB often.


  • user search You can get a list of any noder's writeups by searching for a user. If you do a user search on yourself, the reputation of your writeups will be listed as well.


  • vote A way of telling somebody "I like this writeup" or "I don't like this writeup". All noders of level 2 and up can vote.
  • Vote Bonus After all your votes are spent, you receive a bonus in XP equal to half the value of your votes. As an example, a Level 10 voter who has 125 votes can get a 62xp bonus for spending their votes.
  • Vote Dumping Vote dumping is the practice of blindly up- or down-voting nodes (especially daylogs) in order to receive the vote bonus for their level.
  • vote tag A systematic method of voting on writeups to review the complete body of work a noder has created. An additional impetus is to get to know the noder through his or her work.


  • Writeup Something that was placed in a node. You are now reading one.
  • Webster 1913 A dictionary of about 90,000 english words that was auto-noded. Webster 1913 will pop up frequently when you hit the "Random node" button. The reason the 1913 version was noded was that it is out of copyright status.
  • word galaxy (time)


  • XP See Experience Points
  • XP Whore One who does anything to gain XP.
  • XP pack rape When lots of people start downvoting writeups by one person within a few minutes of each other. This may result in massive XP loss for the person who is voted down. The term is considered offensive by some users, and should be avoided in the chatterbox.
  • XP stoicism When something does not get the attention you think it deserves, shut up. The votes will come in later. Let your work speak for itself.



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