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Saturday June 26, 2004

The main server crashed. I (dizzy) am attempting to find hardware capable of taking the load. Go gentle on the site, please. update: Monday June 28. I added two servers into the mix to replace the unstable machines. email me anthony@katyana.com if the site is completely unreacheable.

Thurs June 24, 2004

Welcome to the new servers. We have brought up 2 more machines and we've made a number of organizational improvements which should make the site more stable and easier to maintain. Our apologies for everything that's probably broken or destroyed -- as always, bug reports can go to nate and jay.

Problems we know about:

  • headlines.rdf is not refreshing
  • guest-user page cacheing is broken
  • we have severe stability issues with our new webheads, which are freezing and need to be rebooted frequently. Expect things to be slow and a bit rocky for the next little bit.
  • some node trackers is broke
  • Gigantic code lister died, probably due to paths changing
  • Update:the userimage thing is finally fixed i think. msg me if any problems persist.

    Weds June 23, 2004

    E2 is getting 2 new servers -- one donated by Blockstackers, and the other (nicknamed "Bella" after its venerable donor's first born) by hemos. We will also be taking the opportunity to install/upgrade crusty systems on some of our old machines.

    The site will probably go down around noon or oneish (we assume nate means U.S. Eastern time, so that would be 16:00 or 17:00 server time -kg), and we're not making any promises as to when it will be back up in the evening, as we're gonna be futzing with almost all the machines.

    anyway, wish us (jaybonci, dizzy, me) luck.