Yes, it's that time again, noder friends, when we all get together and try to bestow as much hilarity, pathos, plot twists, conflicts, silliness, pomp, farce, longing, and other dramatic je ne sais quois into one minute of dialogue as we can.

Behold: Gone in Sixty Seconds 2006 - A Theatre Quest!

For those not in the know, GISS is a "unique play writing festival which invites applicants to write a 60 second play about any subject. The 100 plays that are chosen will be performed by theatre students either at Harrogate Theatre in May 06 or at Brooklyn College New York in June 06."

In other words, you write something, they like it, people actually say your words out loud in front of other people. It's like a nodeslam, only better!

For more details (there are some additional restrictions on submissions), head over to TenMinJoe's writeup on the festival, and if you're feeling ready to contribute, place all of your 60 second plays spectacular at Gone in Sixty Seconds 2006 - Theatre Quest Entries.

The deadline is April 8, 2006, so don't dawdle! I, kthejoker, will be passing out trinkets for all participants, so join in the fun, give it a go, and you, too, can be a published nobody!