The play's the thing, my friends, and TenMinJoe wants your thing bad.

Um. Your play, that is.

Last year, Joe and his crunk British theatre posse put together an all-day theater festival comprising of 60-seconds-or-less plays. For his part, TMJ asked Everythingians for some contributions as part of a quest, with fairly rousing success by e2 standards.And although Joe's departed from the troupe, they're still in need of some plays that can be performed in under a minute. This year, they've expanded to perform in England and New York. So head over to Gone in Sixty Seconds 2005 - A Theatre Quest, read the rules and requirements, and write a play to earn fabulous blessings and cools from yours truly. And at the end, the troupe will pick the best plays to actually be performed!

[Exit, pursued by a bear.]