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As of the 5th of December, writeups with no paragraph or line break tags in them will now display with the tags inserted invisibly, making them much easier to format.

Interaction options, like voting and cooling, were moved into the footers of writeups, where you will also see some social bookmarking buttons by default, in November. If you hate this and you don't think you'll just get used to it in a day or so, you can go to the Old Writeup Settings page to revert things to how they were - you can use one of the defaults for the header, and enter 'nothing' into the customisation box for the footer, if you prefer. If you just want to tweak it to make sure you're seeing everything you want to be seeing, etc., the new, much simplified Writeup Settings page allows you to do that.

If you don't want people to see social bookmarking buttons on your writeups, you can opt out of this in User Settings.

Complaints, bug reports and other feedback should be sent to Oolong. Thank you.