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You've earned a rep as the goto man for mixing and boner and I have a mix that is going nowhere.

It's a round robin that started a good while ago now. boner picked the first song and shot it over to me. I fiddled with it a little and passed it of to the jart, the third and final man on the team. Jart has had to pass on the challenge and so we've had the mixing equivelent of a dangling participle hanging over our heads for the last few months.

This is where you come in. We need to get the project on the road and right now you are top gun around here. We are calling in the best of the best.

Ground rules are simple. The order is Boner, the frame, ChiGrub. When the track gets passed to you you have total artistic license. Edit, add, delete. Just don't let it sit. there is no time limit, but that open-endedness got us to the point of a 3-month stale mix, so be cool about it. the file is in my directory on mixed euphoria. Upload the new track with the next sequential number.

...let's hit the fuckin' road.