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Weeknight Longhouse And Fly-Ass Ho Emporium sometimes gets updated with vague threats of forward progress.

List recent as per last time i listened to all of this (recently, 02/07/05). A lot of people have disappeared from the site since this project has slacked its way along, which kind of sucks, but it's my fault and I'm sorry. If I can't find you or your mix, then you're being replaced so as not to completely rip off everyone who sent me music so very long ago.

I'm very quietly opening up any vacancies left in the lineup. If you're interested in helping me fill gaps, please send a /msg to Mr. Hotel with your resume in Microsoft Word document format and a headshot.

After I get the list back in order, verify mp3s are what they should be and everything's filled, I'll get everybody their CDs and we'll all start liking music again.


6p-7p: MIA
7p-8p: jbo heavy industries : metric thermal unit: kilojoule and newton-meter
8p-9p: MIA
9p-10p: call : Monday Night Pageant of the Transmundane
10p-11p: eezoo : many more marching hither
11p-12a: CzarKhan : The things we always thought, yet never had the courage to speak
12a-1a: crux : Apollonian-Dionysian
1a-2a: plink : Lost in the Funhouse MIA
2a-3a: plink : Lost in the Funhouse MIA
3a-4a: earthen : ?
4a-5a: prole : Doin' Crimes at the Chevron
5a-6a: rude boy chi grub : I have been orbiting this planet for thirty-seven years, and am just now starting to experience reentry

6p-7p: the gilded frame : tuesdays don't go anywhere
7p-8p: dem bones : Two Hours on the Bottom
8p-9p: 256 : ? ETA: mid-Feb
9p-10p: bane221 : Something Revolutionary on a Tuesday Night MIA
10p-11p: Cow Of Doom :Bloo Muen
11p-12a: Chris-O : the pleasures of insomnia are ones i haven't found
12a-1a: wickNESS-- : Music for MachinesMIA (but I know i have it)
1a-2a: Master Villain : Chick Flick Trailer Music
2a-3a: Master Villain : Action Movie Soundtrack
3a-4a: MIA
4a-5a: stripey v. strypey : many far and lost from home
5a-6a: MIA

6p-7p: MIA
7p-8p: birdlace : urbanmetrosoundtrack
8p-9p: DJ Dogsled : Nostalgia Can Only Kill You
9p-10p: pitcher : I'M SICK OF ALL YOUR RULES on server
10p-11p: eezoo : i love you. please die soon.
11p-12a: The Custodian : Screaming into the eye of the lens
12a-1a: ascorbic : the right way to take a bath on server
1a-2a: heyoka : like hypnotizing chickens
2a-3a: Chiisuta : Glasshouse Lullaby
3a-4a: dann : We Generate Stories
4a-5a: Jurph : Recursive Dreaming(
5a-6a: Albert Herring : Neil's dance of compromised joy

6p-7p: Oolong : evening storm
7p-8p: Albert Herring : 76 Bloody Trombones
8p-9p: DJ maus : Mugwump Jism (actually "gay robotic skeletons?)
9p-10p: the gilded frame :Tribute to the Man Who Never Was MIA
10p-11p: Orange Julius : Instrumentation is for Chumps
11p-12a: dTaylorSingletary : Should a Cloud Replace a Compress
12a-1a: briiiiian : mix in hand, need to rip MIA
1a-2a: Notorious J.B.O. : turn off the instrumentation and fly by the seat of your pants - an excercise in dead reckoning
2a-3a: prole : Too Cool for Kissing
3a-4a: dj sugar (baker) : Anger is Boring
4a-5a: wickNESS-- : red green and gold
5a-6a: MIA

6p-7p: hughash : old school sampler
7p-8p: thefez : January 17, 2003 half MIA
8p-9p: cruxalicious : UPBEAT DOWNBEAT
9p-10p: thyme : treading the fine line, eyes blind and arms outstretched
10p-11p: 256 : ? ETA: mid-Feb
11p-12a: conform : Fuck you it's Friday night
12a-1a: rude boy chi grub : hurt pie
1a-2a: emm k-bee : The House That We Built substitute mix; need track list
2a-3a: emm kay bee : Hitting God in the Balls with a Stick substitute mix; need track list
3a-4a: Myrkabah : Hightener
4a-5a: cahla : Fairy Potmother Jams
5a-6a: call : Surrender to the Void

weeknight sound track is not affiliated with the parties affiliated with weekend sound track. please do not ask the gilded frame questions about this shit, but feel free to ask him about his robot opera, because that shit is hot and needs your attention. any proceeds earned from weeknight sound track will be delivered forthwith to the sister theresa mercy mission in sao paulo, brazil. weeknight sound track is not responsible for dizzy spells, toothaches, heartbreaks, or any of your other nambypamby problems. knuckle down and put some fucking music together already.