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by avalyn

A great many bands and performers have been releasing new albums or singles on vinyl for the past 10-15 years, marking a resurgence in the obsolete format. What do you think of it?

It's just a fad  7  18.42%
It's just for completists  2  5.26%
It's just for elitists  0  0.00%
It's just for hipsters  3  7.89%
It's fully reborn now that it has gone mainstream  1  2.63%
I bought a turntable specifically to start or further my vinyl collection  5  13.16%
I never gave up on the format, but I mostly just buy CDs now  1  2.63%
I gave up on hard copies of recorded music with the introduction of digital media  10  26.32%
I replaced all possible releases I have on CD (or other format) with the vinyl releases  0  0.00%
Vinyl? Give me back my cassettes!  0  0.00%
Cassettes? Give me back my 8-track cartridges!  0  0.00%
8-tracks? Give me back my wax cylinders!  2  5.26%
None of the above  7  18.42%
Total  38  100.00%