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by Hatshepsut

It's 2020. What has Everything become?

E2 is a web site with an associated print journal.  5  4.95%
E2 is a print journal with an associated web site.  0  0.00%
E2 is on the web, on paper, in your ears, and in your brain.  13  12.87%
Eh, it's pretty much the same as it always was.  22  21.78%
E2 has devolved into something sinister and possibly deadly.  5  4.95%
E2 has devolved into a MySpace clone.  2  1.98%
What? That old site went bust ages ago!  18  17.82%
The people took E2 offline--it now exists as stacked printouts on a Kansas farmstead.  8  7.92%
E2 now has only five users, all of whom have devoted their lives to writing encylopedic 15,000 word writeups.  11  10.89%
Who cares? Robotic beings finally rule the world. The humans are dead.  6  5.94%
Other  8  7.92%
None of the above.  3  2.97%
Total  101  100.00%