A note to client developers: The following are Everything Data Pages (nodetype=fullpage) -- you may write scripts to parse them and provide you with entertaining server-side data. With the New Nodes XML Ticker and the User Search XML Ticker please don't hit it more than every 5 mins, as they are fairly expensive pages. Please don't hit ANY of the pages more frequently than every 30 seconds -- although you may offer a "refresh" button to the users. I'd prefer not to have tons of inactive users bogging down the server.

http://everything2.com/headlines.rdf is the RDF feed of Cool Nodes -- "Cool User Picks!".

chatterbox XML ticker451269
other users xml ticker597846
private message XML ticker600299
User Search XML Ticker762826
New Nodes XML Ticker781532
rdf search1043278
user information XML1098218
Cool Nodes XML Ticker1101708
joker's chat1729073
Ajax Update1873513
chatterlight classic1942820
Message Inbox CSS1982864
My Chatterlight1983409
Guest Front Page2030780
Kaizen UI Preview2147198

These are the second generation tickers, using a more unified XML base, and also exporting information more fully. These are of type ticker.
Random Nodes XML Ticker1252390
E2 XML Search Interface1252400
Available Rooms XML Ticker1254496
Editor Cools XML Ticker1256768
Universal Message XML Ticker1259846
Everything's Best Users XML Ticker1259941
XML Interfaces Ticker1261407
Client Version XML Ticker1261985
Personal Session XML Ticker1262798
Node Heaven XML Ticker1291666
Other Users XML Ticker II1291746
New Writeups XML Ticker1291781
User Search XML Ticker II1291794
Cool Nodes XML Ticker II1291874
Maintenance Nodes XML Ticker1298521
Raw VARS XML Ticker1372677
Time Since XML Ticker1372684
New Writeups Atom Feed1822009
Cool Archive Atom Feed1926580
My Votes XML Ticker1934718
Podcast RSS Feed1979477