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You can change your local settings here, such as date and time, language, and country. Ok, thats mostly a lie. So far, you can only change the time that displays in the Epicenter nodelet, but this is a nice place for those other rarely requested features to appear. Someday.

The Epicenter nodelet show the server time. You can optionally set your offset from that time. Currently, only the Epicenter time is changed, but later writeups and other timed things will reflect this setting, too.
No matter what your offset, the vote reset is midnight, server time.
To use the time zone offset, first check "use my time zone offset", then choose your time zone offset from the list. If you are currently in daylight saving time, check that box, too. (Be sure to then hit the submit button; we haven't installed MindReader.pm yet.)
, as set below
time offset (hours:minutes)
(so add an an hour to my normal offset)
(show AM/PM instead of 24-hour format)