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A Spider More Human than a Human (personal)2013-04-17@23:55A.M.Gulenko
John Sung (person)2008-12-29@23:23per ou
For me, to live is Christ and to die is gain (idea)2007-06-06@20:59Kizor
The War Prayer (thing)2007-04-27@23:34Kizor
Oriental Orthodox Church (thing)2005-09-11@21:53Byzantine
John Paul II (idea)2005-04-04@13:34Lometa
The Message//Remix (thing)2005-01-04@2:32The Lush
More Than A Carpenter (thing)2004-12-30@0:23The Lush
Asperger's syndrome (thing)2004-12-27@15:44short_art
Saint Anselm (person)2004-12-22@20:30The Lush
Faust (idea)2004-12-16@5:13The Lush
Bible Contradictions (idea)2004-11-10@12:58iambic
Slow Train Coming (thing)2004-08-19@22:21Lometa
May 28, 2004 (thing)2004-05-31@2:23Lometa
I Am (person)2004-04-10@3:40bookw56
Religion doesn't exist just so that people can be told what to think (idea)2004-02-22@2:06bookw56
Beware of finding a Jesus entirely congenial to you (idea)2004-02-14@0:25bookw56
Martyrs Mirror2004-01-29@0:04doyle
Sodom (idea)2004-01-24@3:01bookw56
Separate the wheat from the chaff (thing)2004-01-06@18:26doyle
Christmas (idea)2003-12-17@20:38Ahab
Look, there's God (essay)2003-12-17@9:04teos
Blessing a seismograph (idea)2003-09-01@14:27bookw56
The debate over the ordination of women in the Catholic Church (idea)2003-08-24@14:09lara68
Assemblies of God (thing)2003-07-23@3:33Lennon
Moderate Christianity (idea)2003-07-08@0:15bookw56
Christian Eschatology (thing)2003-06-09@21:33bookw56
Dietrich Bonhoeffer (person)2003-06-01@3:35Ahab
Confessions of a teenage ex-virgin (idea)2003-05-21@20:05iandunn
Waiting until marriage (idea)2003-05-20@23:11Lennon
Constitutional Convention of 1787 (thing)2003-05-11@18:58Inflatable_Monk
advocatus diaboli (thing)2003-05-01@11:11jasonm
Good Friday (idea)2003-04-27@19:00SEF
Black Saturday (thing)2003-04-20@5:29danne

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