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Chocolate and Chestnut Risotto (recipe)2009-10-08@14:50avalyn
halloumi (recipe)2009-06-16@20:13Auduster
Jerusalem artichoke soup (recipe)2008-12-12@12:48avalyn
Spicy fried potato with garlicky mushroom spinach (recipe)2008-10-03@22:37avalyn
Leek and goats' cheese quiche (recipe)2008-09-11@13:46Cool Beans
Quick vegetarian peppadew chili (recipe)2008-07-01@10:43avalyn
Vegan Chocolate Cake (recipe)2008-03-22@17:09avalyn
avalyn's vegan stir-fry (recipe)2008-03-11@13:55avalyn
Wild mushroom sauté (recipe)2007-12-14@2:05avalyn
Strata with potatoes, rosemary, and fontina (recipe)2007-07-29@20:09Cool Beans
Carrot and Leek Lasagne (recipe)2007-07-23@17:25Cool Beans
Tofu Tikka Masala Curry (thing)2007-01-30@5:05avalyn
Butter Beans in sesame (recipe)2007-01-28@18:14Cool Beans
Sweet potato, spinach and goat's cheese risotto (recipe)2007-01-23@11:47Cool Beans
Camembert and cranberry sauce vegetarian parcels (recipe)2006-12-15@15:46wonko6942
Penne with chipotle tofu, vinegared cabbages, peppers and onion (idea)2006-12-01@6:48avalyn
Cilantro raita (thing)2006-10-26@5:43wonko6942
Celeriac and chestnut soup (recipe)2006-09-25@10:19Cool Beans
Vegan Pancakes (thing)2006-09-05@4:37avalyn
vegan pizza (thing)2006-09-02@1:00avalyn
vegan (person)2006-08-26@5:34avalyn
Factory farming and disease (idea)2006-07-09@7:07avalyn
Thinking about seitan makes miso horny (thing)2006-06-11@23:43avalyn
Seitan (idea)2006-06-11@23:41avalyn
Vegan ingredients (thing)2006-05-16@17:09wonko6942
mashed potatoes (thing)2006-04-05@13:18ZoeB
Salty pots (thing)2006-03-25@21:23wonko6942
Roasted peppers with muscatels and pine nuts (thing)2006-03-12@23:33wonko6942
organic food (idea)2006-03-12@6:14avalyn
Curried Cashew Nut Dip (recipe)2006-02-18@10:46avalyn
Vegetarian stir fry (thing)2006-02-03@9:14avalyn
Asparagus and Horseradish Pie (thing)2006-01-07@9:23e7h3r
You don't have to be a vegetarian to like vegetarian food (idea)2005-11-30@18:01wonko6942
Roasted vegetable lasagne (thing)2005-11-28@19:07avalyn
Vegetable Recipes (idea)2005-11-16@12:59Oolong
Vegetarian Recipes (thing)2005-11-16@12:58Oolong
Vegan Recipes (idea)2005-11-11@12:20Oolong
tofu cheese (thing)2005-11-09@6:11avalyn
Preparing a Middle-Eastern meal at home (idea)2005-10-23@17:39wonko6942
Easy vegetarian chili (thing)2005-09-30@17:10wonko6942
Vegetarian meals that aren't just brown gack (idea)2005-09-15@19:54wonko6942
Stuffed Tomatoes with Herbs and Mushrooms (recipe)2005-09-09@20:36avalyn
vegetarian ideas for barbeques (idea)2005-08-23@20:00Cool Beans
Harira Soup (thing)2005-08-23@6:59inlet
Feta and butternut squash risotto (recipe)2005-08-22@23:11Cool Beans
Spinach crepes (thing)2005-08-15@16:01Cool Beans
Baked beans on toast (thing)2005-08-14@8:20e7h3r
Chocolate pudding (recipe)2005-08-14@6:55avalyn
tasty vegetable stir-fry with noodles (recipe)2005-08-14@6:33avalyn
vegetable balti (recipe)2005-08-13@15:14Cool Beans
Lentil (thing)2005-08-10@19:10Cool Beans
Black beans and rice (thing)2005-08-09@8:38avalyn
Apple Crisp (thing)2005-08-04@21:58ZoeB
Seared peanut-scallion rice cakes (thing)2005-07-23@5:03avalyn
pasta with roasted vegetables and creamy pesto sauce (recipe)2005-07-22@10:02Cool Beans
Pine nut and carrot roast with mushroom sauce (recipe)2005-07-20@10:51avalyn
Mexican red rice (recipe)2005-07-17@9:51avalyn
Vegetarian Summer Stuffed Peppers (idea)2005-07-17@9:46avalyn

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