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Stratford Festival (thing)2015-07-22@14:31avalyn
The terrible beauty of an industrial landscape at dawn (place)2009-05-18@15:06creases
Hockey Night in Canada Theme (thing)2008-11-14@4:28libertas
July 1, 2008 (log)2008-07-01@7:39Whiskeydaemon
Canada (place)2008-06-19@3:41graceness
Degrassi (review)2008-01-20@1:12hapax
Walking Turtle2007-11-20@7:14hamster bong
Royal Canadian Air Farce (thing)2007-11-03@21:29hapax
The border between the United States and Canada (idea)2007-10-27@18:13hapax
2007 Ontario electoral referendum (event)2007-10-11@20:52graceness
Vancouver Island (place)2007-07-10@1:05RPGeek
Pierre Elliott Trudeau (person)2007-05-18@11:49graceness
Baffin Island (place)2007-05-18@11:24Lord Brawl

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