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If Dr. Seuss wrote for Star Trek (idea)2009-12-19@19:39sirspens
SciFiQuest 9999 (event)2009-01-26@1:34The Custodian
Healthy Paranoia (fiction)2008-10-27@11:49Oolong
gom jabbar (thing)2008-02-24@4:33kthejoker
Stephen R. Donaldson (person)2008-02-21@2:12kthejoker
Sturgeon's Law (idea)2008-02-21@2:09kthejoker
Sturgeon's Law (idea)2008-02-21@1:44kthejoker
My heart is nothing more than an engine forged from the remnants of a dead star (fiction)2007-12-19@5:22RoguePoet
Hill's 4th Harmony - Chapter 1 (fiction)2007-11-22@7:02mywiseman.com
Exponents (fiction)2007-10-31@16:11The Custodian
Indistinguishable from magic (fiction)2007-09-06@4:38not_crazy_yet
The name that lasted a million years (person)2007-07-05@15:46writerinthemist
The Comsat Angels (fiction)2007-07-01@20:20writerinthemist
Amber Skies (fiction)2007-06-03@4:20writerinthemist
Screaming at tomorrow (idea)2007-04-20@8:20Kizor
doctor (fiction)2007-04-14@23:39writerinthemist
Useless weapons in science fiction movies (thing)2007-04-11@17:00sirspens
Escape to Beer Mountain: A Rope of Sand (thing)2007-04-11@16:53kthejoker
Pluto Wreckage (fiction)2007-04-03@13:29not_crazy_yet
time machine (fiction)2007-03-22@3:18writerinthemist
Perspective Machine (fiction)2007-03-20@21:15writerinthemist
Why strapping buttered toast to a cat's back will not produce infinite power (idea)2007-03-11@10:17Chainstore
New Earth (fiction)2007-02-21@22:44sirspens
Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion (idea)2007-02-18@22:01sirspens
January 31, 2007 (idea)2007-01-31@1:28Damodred
Masters of the Maze (thing)2006-12-06@19:18anamnesis
Universal destructor (fiction)2006-11-25@10:51sirspens
The Legion of Time (review)2006-11-11@19:04JD
We're not coming home. I love you. (fiction)2006-11-01@21:20sirspens
SciFiQuest 2106 (event)2006-10-30@15:45Johnny
And? (idea)2006-10-26@14:10Jet-Poop
Scientific Progress Goes "Boink" (idea)2006-10-17@16:12Johnny
The Custodian2006-10-07@20:17RoguePoet
Futurama (thing)2006-09-17@15:59sirspens
A somewhat half-assed attempt at time travel on my behalf (idea)2006-09-11@17:11sirspens
The 4400 (thing)2006-09-11@17:08sirspens
Science fiction clich├ęs (idea)2006-08-01@20:42crewgrrl
B'Omarr Monks (thing)2006-07-12@7:12belgand
Red Dwarf Series VIII (review)2006-05-30@5:37waverider37
Portal: A Dataspace Retrieval (thing)2006-05-03@2:34RoguePoet
The History of Science Fiction (idea)2006-05-01@22:25sirspens
Ed stories (fiction)2006-05-01@18:05sirspens
sam513 (fiction)2006-04-30@21:10sirspens
Capricorn One (essay)2006-04-30@6:56sirspens
The Computer Connection (thing)2006-04-28@4:31Glowing Fish
The future of the Star Trek franchise (essay)2006-04-26@1:28256
The (impending) death of good science fiction and fantasy television (idea)2006-04-25@17:37sirspens
Bad writers are destroying science fiction; nothing else (idea)2006-04-25@17:20sirspens
Arguments for the perceived impending invasion of Earth by atomic-powered Killbots from Planet X (idea)2006-04-24@4:59sirspens
Under no circumstances park your futuristic spaceship in a futuristic spacestation upside down (idea)2006-04-23@2:12sirspens
Forgotten things in space (fiction)2006-04-20@18:03sirspens
Free, Standing (fiction)2006-04-20@17:07sirspens
Choose Your Own Adventure 4: Space and Beyond (thing)2006-04-20@11:27Glowing Fish
Primer (thing)2006-04-20@6:42sirspens
Standing on a mountaintop in northern Siberia under the rapidly descending bulk of asteroid McAlmont, with a calculating expression and a baseball bat (fiction)2006-04-20@6:17sirspens
How the Earth was destroyed (fiction)2006-04-19@16:49sirspens

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