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Naked and laughing, we snap another photograph2013-07-23@1:22corvus
Kissing Rachel goodbye (idea)2011-10-10@22:57avalyn
Rachel at Christmas (idea)2011-10-10@22:56avalyn
Out with Rachel (idea)2011-10-10@22:56avalyn
This is my roommate, Rachel (idea)2011-10-10@22:56avalyn
Allaying Rachel's fears (idea)2011-10-10@22:56avalyn
Rachel in the morning (idea)2011-10-10@22:55avalyn
Coffee, wine and Rachel (fiction)2011-10-10@22:55avalyn
trying to be a feminist (event)2009-03-30@2:35moosemanmoo
What is it with chicks and horses?2008-08-10@21:30lovejoyman
The Dragon (idea)2008-07-07@5:36Dimview
Colpocoquette (person)2008-06-09@15:39lovejoyman
Mack Truck (poetry)2008-06-04@0:55jessicaj
The Trouble with Safewords (poetry)2008-05-30@15:29lovejoyman
Cryptography as an erotic art (thing)2008-05-16@2:02jessicaj
The Little Bo Peepshow (fiction)2008-04-29@14:08lovejoyman
A time to kiss (fiction)2008-04-10@21:37lovejoyman
A sexual game (idea)2008-04-08@4:38Ancientsnow
oh ever so slowly (idea)2008-04-03@19:11karma debt
Two condoms, she makes me wear (idea)2008-02-25@2:54Swap
Her Vision of Heaven (fiction)2008-01-25@20:13lovejoyman
The ice queen (fiction)2008-01-22@22:16Allsorts
Sex in Korea (personal)2008-01-19@18:06GhettoAardvark
strip club (place)2007-09-27@13:51creases
bisexual (idea)2007-06-22@20:16Jack
Cunnilingus FAQ (thing)2007-05-29@1:50Angela
cunnilingus (idea)2007-05-29@1:49Angela
cock and ball torture (thing)2007-05-28@12:05Jack
My interview with the gay porn star (event)2007-05-21@8:35Jack
Erotic nodes (idea)2007-05-17@21:45Angela
Love is tangerine light (idea)2007-04-12@19:13Angela
sex (thing)2007-04-10@1:24creases

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