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This musical is everywhere. I can't go a night of television without seeing it. I can't go to the movie theater without it being played before the movie. I hear the song played on the radio in my car. In the video we see young people at the headquarters of some tobacco company and a song & dance routine develops with some executives and dead bodies.

This song was created as a catchy way to battle tobacco usage. The video, an mp3, the lyrics and even the ringtone of the song is available on the web.

"Focus on the Positive” Musical
I wonder if these guys are actually going to talk to us.

Yeah, we’re just wondering, why don’t you tell people there is arsenic in cigarette smoke?
And why don’t you . . .
All just focus on the positive?
Cause positive’s the way we oughta be?
Why don’t we all stop being so derogative
To the big tobacco companies!

We asked “Is nicotine addictive?”
We told you that it’s not.
Okay, then maybe everybody just likes it a whole lot.

So why destroy the research?
You think that they’re afraid?

Naw, we’re just getting ready for a tickertape parade!

Let’s try to focus on the positive.
Sure they may kill 4 million folks a year.
But let’s stay focused on the positive-
There’s plenty of us still here.

So what if we remove a lung
You shouldn’t be depressed.
It’s really for the best.
It’s something off your chest.

And, yes we know that tobacco causes cancer of the bladder!
It doesn’t really matter-they make diapers for adults!

His tumor was malignant
But look-he’s not indignant!

He knows
You’ve gotta . . .

Just stay focused on the positive.
Every 8 seconds a smoker dies-it’s becoming routine!
But let’s stay focused on the positive.
Those 7 seconds in-between.

Know what I mean?

We’ll just stay focused on the positive.
They’re not marketing to teens, they’re reaching out to our youth!
So let’s all focus on the positive.
We’re positive-positive.
That’s the truth.


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