Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Eric Karros's response, on the Jim Rome show, to two stories that surfaced about the 1986 New York Mets World Series championship team, one involving Karros's 2000 teammate Kevin Elster.

Two rather disturbing stories were told in October 2000 in FHM magazine by longtime Mets beat writer Bob Klapisch. During a game in which the then-young backup shortstop Elster was sitting on the bench, he saw a girl in the stands that he decided he wanted. So he got her to come down to the clubhouse and have sex with him. During the game.

The second story involved outfielder Kevin Mitchell, also a fairly young player at the time, who wasn't a starter on that team. To conclude a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, Mitchell beheaded a cat with a meat cleaver -- with teammate Dwight Gooden, a pitcher, witnessing the whole episode.

Rome informed Karros of these two reports during a show in October 2000, and asked Karros what he thought of them -- was this the kind of thing he had heard about these guys? Is this how these guys acted normally? etc. After a brief pause, Karros responded:

"I was surprised to hear about the cat."

Karros said no more about either report.

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