Possibly the most profound thing I have ever heard in a dream of mine. As I wandered through a hall into a door of a dirty abandoned house, I heard a voice, so violent, attempting to sound austere, but only sounding painful and pleading. And he sang. I don't know who he was, it honestly sounded like the lead singer of Counting Crows, but that takes away too much beauty from the dream, as I envision what it must be that I am going through, this song that holds such an evanescent depressing quality that I immediately step out of when I hear the lines of the song, singing to me, "If it's the only way you took in, it's the saddest entrance of them all."

I always imagined it was something like me stepping into the dirty path from the hall, where two things aren not supposed to connect, jumping from one place to the next. It is a sad thing, really. People do not go from hallways to house entrances. There is something in between, a foyer. And why I am in a house with mop buckets and old work clothes, and then the house is half torn down.. and there is a hilly region covered with dirt, and the unstable treehouse. How did I get here? Why is the wind blowing the treehouse down? Why am I in it.. and why is a boy standing in a tree trying with all his might to pull me up?

Where am I going? And why is it the saddest entrance that I can take?

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