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The regular space ( ) (as opposed to  , the nonbreaking space) is one of the most popular characters in the ASCII character set. Unfortunately, links to it don't seem to show up at all, except when they are between other characters, so I'm going to have a hard time making links to this node. (You can use the pipe to make them more easily linkable though: this node) Worse yet, if you follow a link written as ([ ]) then everything just hangs*, while a link written as ([ ]) brings you here.

* Sometimes, instead of hanging, it generates a Software error with instructions for reporting it (which I have followed), or just goes to the Everything2 home page instead.

Update: I have since learned that Everything stores node titles in its database with the HTML character entities intact, so this node is actually saved as a five-character string ampersand-pound-three-two-semicolon, rather than as a regular space; this is how we end up with junk like Moxy Früvous and Moxy Früvous. Single-character non-alphanumeric nodes were really broken, as indicated by the bug I described above, so they are currently disabled on Everything; links to such nodes jump to the front page.

Also, there's a node   which is not properly linkable because there's also a user of the same name, and on the "user or e2node" page the links are isolated spaces which don't actually display a link in most browsers.

There's another doozie of a node at nodeid 366125. Links to it usually don't work, and take you to the front page instead. But apparently at a couple times, single-character non-alphanumeric links (and high-ascii, etc. like ß) went there. It's soft-linked below, though you won't see anything but a blank space. This is the node with a completely blank title. Paste this into your URL bar: http://everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=366125&lastnode_id=403662

Further update: both the node with no title and the second of the Moxy Früvous nodes listed above have ceased to exist.

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