Walking them home from my house, 1:00 a.m. The three of us weave across the road, pacing the yellow line, giggling. The night is dark, quiet, we can hear the cars coming up the hill and see their lights minutes before we need to move out of the way.

Warm and giddy, tired.
I lag behind, tilt my head back and look up. It's cool, deep blue, glistening with sounds and I stop completely.

Jane, come on.
S'cuse me a minute, you guys keep on going.
Yeah, just wait a minute while I kiss the sky.

I lie down on the asphalt, spread my arms, try to embrace the vast emptiness that calls my name. They stand and watch, but then a car growls and headlights bob across their faces and they haul me to my feet.

I stand near the road long after they've gone inside.

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