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(Lolli)pop Culture

An offshoot of pop culture, an underground movement, spreading quicker than ever thanks to the creation of the internet, and based around an obsession for decadence. Mostly consists of girls aged 15-20. The children of lollipop culture could be described as pseudo-beatniks, or the Dadaists of the 21st century. Often preferring to live in a fantasy world of vintage dresses, haikus, and titbitty talk*. Sometimes there is depression involved, or social rejection, but this is not always the case. They think quick, and judge quicker. Everything must be "prettie" and nonsensical .. the stuff dreams are made of. Don't forget, this culture is simply an escape from the drudgery of the real world.

Dress codes:

Favoured music in (lolli)pop culture:

A child of (lolli)pop culture:

*A way of communicating that involves batting "prettie" sentences back and forth.

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