I am on my computer, endlessly scrolling through Facebook or playing a game. You come over to say hello and snuggle. I barely acknowledge you, but I appreciate your company. You go away after not long.

You are on your computer, which is only a table length away from mine. I walk over to snuggle and let you know I'm thinking of you. You immediately pause your anime or minimise the reddit screen and turn to me. It drives me nuts, like you are shutting me out. You say you feel uncomfortable with someone "looking over your shoulder". I can understand that, I don't like the feeling of someone looking over my shoulder either... but it still drives me nuts, and there's inconsistencies in application; you don't hide your screen when I can see it upon walking into the room or am sitting on the dog couch behind you, I can hear your anime while on my own computer, I can watch your anime without you pausing if I stand a metre or two back from you. Frustrated by feeling shut out again, I go away after not long so I can stop interrupting your leisure. You start again within a few of my steps.

I am on the couch, binge watching a TV series. You come along and flop next to me, tired and snuggling. I pause the show so I don't miss anything and snuggle back. You say I can keep watching the show. I know you mean it. I recognise this behaviour; sometimes when I flop next to you, you don't pause your anime and we snuggle in silence; I am comforted by being near you while you do your own thing. But this time I leave the show paused. You stay for a while, and we make small intimate talk about nothing. I can tell I'm having an impact on you somehow. I suddenly realise that I am showing you I care with actions. I am giving you all my attention. I am showing that you matter to me more than what I was doing. I suddenly understand what you are doing when you immediately interrupt your computer leisure time when I walk over. It is one more way you say you love me without speaking at all.

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