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")+(" was the symbol for the former Hono Intelligence Service 1901, an Argentinian cult with a setup that, in terms of sheer weirdness, rivaled Jim Jones and Heaven's Gate.

Contrary to the name, the cult was founded in Canuelas in 1973 by a man named Carlos Jerez. Jerez opened a "cancer center" with a 1950s-style flying saucer UFO out front.

Jerez somehow got a reputation as a miracle healer, and had hundreds of patients. He claimed to come from another planet. It wasn't long before the Argentinian government got curious and began investigating; they found out Jerez was medically incompetent. Jerez soon disappeared.

The )+( symbol is also identified with the UMMO Letters outer-space cult in Europe.

Resources: http://www.strangemag.com/ummo.html

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