Quite possibly the only Industrial Electronic group from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Their style tends to be a low-fi abrasive electronic sound collage. Very noisy and often quite hard on the ears. On the other hand where else can you hear the Microsoft Voice in a song?

They've produced two CDs. The first one, Rhythm Abuse, was produced in 1999 and consists of a mix of dance friendly harsh pounding beats, and bizarre power ambient instrumentals. Track 2, Dance, Puppet, is the hit of the disk. It's dance friendly and features totally wacky samples pleading for bestiality for the stupid. Remember, "help stamp out this mindless mindlessness" after all "It's a fact, Stupid people have stupid children. If you are stupid, please don't have sex. If you insist on having sex, please have sex with animals, preferably animals that are smarter than you." After that it just gets weirder. The disk ends with three remixes from other Edmonton bands.

Their second CD, The Shallow End of the Gene Pool, was produced in 2001 and consists of 8 tracks of more distorted, crushing, noise, techno rhythms with a industrial wasteland atmosphere. It starts with Catapult Mass Transit, 8.5 minutes of rhythmic noise assault followed by 8 minute long, and just as abrasive, Rut #2 with its wacky Microsoft Voice samples. Next Adam Smith's Invisible Hand Groped My Ass takes on a hard techno style. Goddammit Son, that gun is loa (thud) goes to a more minimalist and spartan style leading to Special Olympics Synchronized Swimming Team, more gloomy minimalist techno. This song was written for a girl, so it's relatively non-threatening. Finally there are three remixes from Rhythm Abuse, Alberta Eugenics Board (Ralph Klein is a fat, undereducated drunken redneck biatch remix by Landscape Body Machine), Energy Efficiency Concentration AccuracyImpersonality Ezra Pound (Homoerotic subtext of professional sports remix by Shaen "yes, that's how it's spelled" H and Shane Ethier), and Every Love Song Has Already Been Written (Freight Train Remix by Landscape Body Machine)

If you want a copy it's available from Jamie directly, try emailing consume@sonicdiscourse.net. Otherwise try their site at mp3.com, http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/36/consume1.html Also, feel free to copy a friend's copy, Jamie states: "I support theft of intellectual property, so please illegally duplicate and distribute at your leisure."

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