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Edevify, Contentify, Godsify...


Don't Panic

These strange links that may show up in your epicenter nodelet from time to time add whatever writeup you're looking at to a weblog- basically it's several writeups from all over the database, on one page- sort of like a node, with a few minor exceptions.

A weblog that almost everyone has seen is node row. Writeups go there, and they die. Sorry. (sign of cross)

When you view a writeup, in your epicenter, there's (unless you're just looking at this writeup randomly... in which case, buzz off.) a link that says "contentify!" or "edevify!." If you click that, and then go to the proper weblog, that writeup will be there. (It won't move the writeup, of course- just mirror it. It will still show up on the node it was on, and any changes you make to it will show up in the weblog.) For instance, (and don't do this.) if you clicked on (idea) above, you'd view this writeup and be presented with options to do whatever in your epicenter. If you were to click one of them, it would go to your weblog.

Where is this weblog, you ask? It's on the proper usergroup page, of course.

What's that, you ask?

A usergroup is a group of users. (duh.) Each one of these has a page. e2gods, content editors, mutants. Of course, when you click the link, you may have to choose (usergroup)- it's just like the choice between (e2 node) and (user) you get sometimes.

Weblogs are a vital part of administrative communication. If you'd like to present an idea to everyone, you can simply make a writeup and contentify it, rather than sending 300 short /msg's to that group. And, of course, you can use HTML just like any other writeup.

Note: You can *ify! any writeup, not just your own. This may be useful at some point, although I really can't think of any.

I hope that this helps with any questions you might have about weblogs and ify!ing things. If you still have questions, send a /msg to anotherone or N-Wing.

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