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/me despairs In the days of old, even the stereotypical computer geeks had to stir from their sanctum sanctorum when they felt the familiar pangs of hunger, if only to go to the phone and order takeout. Even the people pulled in by the merciless grasp of Everquest have to get out of the chair to eat sometimes, right? Not any more Thanks to the /pizza command, Evercrack addicts can now order pizza straight from in game! By typing in the command, a browser for the Pizza Hut online ordering system would be launched, allowing the quester to instantly order any cheesy treat he desires, therefore removing the need for any sort of exercise! Isn't that a great use of modern technology? /endsarcasm Yes, I know that the lure of MMORPGs is a strong one, having been there myself, but is it really that much trouble to go downstairs, and maybe make a sandwich or have some fruit or something? You know, to avoid turning into replicas of the comic book guy from The Simpsons? Tell you what, next time you're down in the caves, fighting off hordes of orcs, and you feel like some junk food, finish off your battle, log out, and actually walk to the takeout place, and get some fresh air, maybe even air out that ass-groove on your chair for a bit. Gah, kids today.
Link to the website : http://everquest2.station.sony.com/pizza/

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