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A form of dance often used to scare or harm goths. Rivetheads will stomp and flail appendages around the dance floor, seemingly without care - in fact, their true intent is to purposely injure, smack, or smash into other patrons, seemingly by accident.

It's not (necessarily) about hurting goths. It's about carving out space to dance (elbow room, uh, literally) without worrying about accidentally hurting anyone. This is particularly useful at a place infected with tourists. (Nothing wrong with being new to a place, just mind the locals.)

Characterized by sharp, angular, robotic and repetitive aggressive movements, this form of dance is usually practiced by rivetheads and is in stark contrast to the elegant spiderweb weaving dance practiced by most goths. In addition to expressing pure aggression, the disregard for or even seeking of injury to self or others, sometimes bordering on moshing, may be seen as an expression of the angst, sadomasochistic, and generally dark feelings evoked by goth/industrial music.

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