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...And Love Said No by H.I.M.
2004 RCA and BMG Finland

...And Love Said No is H.I.M.'s best of cd released along with some extensive touring of Europe and a month long tour of America. It has yet to be released in the States but it is easily found as an import (much easier than their first cd or Love Metal). It includes a second disc of 6 songs from a Finnish concert. Most of the songs on the dvd are off of Love Metal. It is a pretty good DvD though with the same kind of cutting as my Placebo concert dvd Soulmates Never Die, except without the slight artiness of that. This is a simple concert disc and was well worth the money I paid for it and the basic disc (even though I found it used). The actual disc really is the best of in many ways, except for the lack of a few of my favorites. However that is subjective, and there's no disputing that this is a pretty good compliation of songs. They aren't in order though, so it's more like a mix cd of H.I.M. songs.

The cd begins with the new song "And Love Said No". This is a really good song, which is now pretty much constantly in my head, it's a perfect opener. After this excellent new song we have "Join Me (Razorblade Mix)", I don't know what the "razorblade mix" is all about it sounds like the original. This is a pretty good second song, although I've never been a big fan of this song, it's really not bad either.

"Buried Alive By Love" comes next, and is an excellent song. They opened with this when I saw them live, but I hadn't heard the song before then. However it made an impression on me, and I really like the studio version. "Heartache Every Moment" comes next, this was one of my favorites off of Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights, and I'm glad for it to be on here. I still love the beginning lines; "From Lashes to Ashes, lust to dust."

They played "Solitary Man" at the concert, but the first time I heard this version was when I got this disc. They do a good job on it, but not as good as their "Wicked Game" cover. I suppose I've been spoiled by Johnny Cashs version which is the ultimate version for sure. This is good though. "Right Here In My Arms" comes next, and it is very good like on Razorblade Kiss. "The Funeral of Hearts" comes next, and it is excellent. I love this song very much. Another favorite comes next: "Joy And Sorrow", this is a great song too.

Ah one of the songs which made H.I.M. a hit in the States; "Your Sweet 666", though the silly lines in the song slightly spoil it, the riffs and melody are so excellent that everything is forgiven. "Gone With the Sin" comes next. Again an excellent song with slighty silly lyrics saved by the wonderful and haunting sound and melody. And then we have "Wicked Game" the main song they're known for in the States. Which is unfortunate, for it is not as good as their own songs. I guess people here like it cause "those crazy Fins are doing a fine Amerikan person's song so it must be good" or something. A fine cover, as good as the original, but I hope they get known here for a song as good as "Funeral of Hearts" as well.

"The Sacrament" which is again a song they played at the concert where I stood going Okay while many sang along around me, comes next. It's a great song though and I absolutely adore it now. "Close to the Flame", another one of my favorites come next, and it's as beautiful as ever. A song off their first cd "It's all Tears (Drown in this love)" which I (again) first heard at the concert is next. I liked it then and I like it now as well. It has deep singing parts that sound a bit like Type O Negative (who I hear they were influenced strongly by in the beginning). Ville did the deep parts and the screams all at the same time at the concert, very impressive. I like this song alot. The production by John Fryer is very similar to his work on Stabbing Westwards first two records. Even more so than on the Razorblade Romance cd he also produced.

"Posion Girl" one of my favorites comes next. It's a good song and fits in well after the last song. "Pretending" another very good song is next and then another of the best on here "When Love and Death Embrace" closes us out. I really like "When Love and Death Embrace", it has a haunting yet catchy aspect to it and is a perfect way to finish off, although I think it would have been better to end with a song like "Love You Like I do" which I think is one of their best songs. Still as good ending to an excellent best of cd. The only better best of was Placebo's Once More With Feeling which takes the cake when it comes to great best of cds.

The dvd begins with "Soul on Fire" which reminds me of "Buried Alive By Love". I had never heard the song before, and I'm not sure from what cd it's from. It's good though. I wish Ville's vocals had been as easy to hear when I saw them as they sound at this show. "The Funeral of Hearts" is next, and it is speeded up a bit and played with electric guitar obviously, but suffers nothing really, it's still good. "Beyond Redemption" comes next followed by "Sweet Pandemonium" both of which I had never heard before. The dvd finishes off with "Buried Alive By Love" and "The Sacrament" both of which are excellently performed. This whole dvd is very good, the band plays excellently, and Ville sings and performs excellently as well. I would have loved to see them in such a small place as this little club they play at on the dvd.

Final words: Buy this if you are a fan and can find it for not too much. It is excellent, and the dvd is very good. I can't wait for a real DvD release though, with a full show.

Track Listing Cd:
1:And Love Said No
2:Join Me (Razorblade Mix)
3:Buried Alive By Love
4:Heartache Every Moment
5:Solitary Man
6:Right Here in my Arms
7:The Funeral of Hearts
8:In Joy and Sorrow
9:Your Sweet 666
10:Gone With the Sin
11:Wicked Game
12:The Sacrament
13:Close to the Flame
14:It's all tears (Drown in this Love)
15:Poison Girl
16:Pretending (Album Version)
17:When love and Death Embrace

1:Soul on Fire
2:The Funeral of Hearts
3:Beyond Redemption
4:Sweet Panemonium
5:Buried Alive By Love
6:The Sacrament

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