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I am Memories
I am almost all memory, without you I am nothing. A large part of what makes me, me, is your memory. If everyone forgot me and couldn’t remember me I would only be a fraction of myself. Some of the reasons I can say this and still be speaking the truth are as follows:

1) My personality is a direct result of the impression I want to make on others
2) The people who know me treat me based on their memory of me, and others like me

A more simple way of explaining this would be to look at the movie Groundhog Day, a movie in which the character played by Bill Murray had to relive the same day over, and over again. No one had any memory of these extra days but him, thus a quasi-memory leak was formed. Bill Murray’s character behaved in ways he never would have acted because he realized the consequences of his actions were temporary, and people would be unable to remember his actions. This a prime example of how memory shapes our behavior, and thus:

.25(Brain) + .75(Other Peoples Memories) = Me

Well, not really. But you know what I mean. A major factor that makes me who I am is the memories of those who surround me. If we all were goldfish I would behave completely different, because goldfish have very short long-term memories. That is also the reason why goldfish don’t get bored in their tanks, every time they swim around again, the scenery has ‘changed’, they don’t remember it. If only my life was that easy. If only yours was.

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