Also known as the .32 ACP, this diminutive round saw its debut in North America back in 1903 when Colt first came out with the m1903 .32 pistol. The round has been used in Europe since 1899 and is called the 7.65mm x 17 there.

Its popularity up to this date is quite baffling as its performance isn't all that great, and one can get guns in similar sizes which can fire more potent rounds like the 9mm x 19 parabellum. Although it is a centerfire round it is still quite difficult to reload, as the case is very small. Though to be fair, it is indeed more powerful than the .25 ACP and costs about just as much, usually too much.

Beretta, Taurus, and North American Arms, are just a few of the better known firms who still makes guns for this cartridge. Keltec of Cocoa FL also makes a really nice mouse gun in .32, ideal for deep cover concealed carry.

A common submachine gun in this caliber is the Skorpion vz 61 from the Czech Republic.

Glocks don't come in .32 ACP

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