Anyone who has actually heard of the .int domain, and knows what its purpose is, deserves quite a few geek points. Most people, even those who regard themselves as Internet savvy because they know that .com isn't the only top level domain, would be stymied if they had to actually name all seven of the traditional three-letter TLDs (before the new ones were added in 2001)... they might come up with the other six, but they'll miss this one.

Despite having this very exclusive domain to themselves, international treaty organizations are still making rumblings with ICANN and WIPO about adding special exclusions of their names and acronyms in all current and future TLDs in order to protect their interests against cybersquatters, on the reasoning that because the general public is too ignorant to know that this sort of organization belongs in .int instead of .com, .org, or .museum, they should be able to stop anybody else from confusing them by taking a treaty organization's name in any of those TLDs.

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