A sigh of relief escaped my lips-- my enemies finally lay in shreds at my feet. Sheathing my shortsword for a moment, I paused, taking inventory of my taken inventory. A few potions, a few scrolls, a few pieces of what were, undoubtedly, worthless piece of glass-- the pickings had been light. It was a shame second hand bookstores are so rare underneath the surface.

The hissing of a soda fountain somewhere on the floor brought my attention firmly back to my hunger. My backpack was devoid of food, and what I had thought, just a moment before to be the corpse of a keystone kop was actually a suit of chainmail

Another glance into my backpack, a moment to steel myself against what might be coming, and I gulped down the contents of one of my potions.

A sigh of relief and content escaped my lips-- the 10% real reconstituted slime mold juice reminded my of my childhood back in a world of light and laughter.

See also: Nethack, Slime Mold

When hallucinating, quaffing a potion of diluted fruit juice gives you the message "This tastes like 10% real reconstituted juice all-natural beverage", and you gain 15, 10, or 5 nutrition depending on blessed/uncursed/cursed status.

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