One thousand blank journals are traveling from hand to hand throughout the world. Those who find them will add stories and drawings, and then pass them along. This is an experiment, and you are part of it.

This is in my opinion an absolutely ingenious project that Someguy thought up. (Yes he literally refers to himself as Someguy).

"The1000journalproject is an independent, privately funded social experiment. We are attempting to follow 1000 journals throughout their travels, to see where they go, who adds to them, and what happens after that.

This is for you. For everybody. To share thoughts and opinions and to be a part of something greater than the individual.

The project began in mid 2000, with a journal, markers, and glue. It has blossomed into lots of journals, lots of markers, and a whole bunch of glue.

We are now a group of individuals from all over the world, helping to distribute journals and spread the experiment. Watching and waiting to see what develops... Somewhere, someone is reading a journal right now."

The journals are being tracked. As each new person locates a journal, they visit the website and tell where they found it, and also send photos of the art they have created inside the journal, for posting up on the website. You can visit the site at

Someguy estimates that five of the 1000 journals will make their way back to him in the end, and he is more than happy with this. After all, how could he not be? I imagine a dusty, handwritten old book, sitting there on my lap. I do not know if i could touch it, if i could breathe.

There are smaller scale versions if this if you are simply hankering to write in journals upon journals, to be a part of what could be history.... these could end up in the archives one day. (There's a loooooong waiting list at

Try the I Like Cubes Notebook @

and a mailing journal at

and finally, The Journal Project, at

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