1666 was a year. The year after the Great Plague hit London. The year of the great fire of London. Samuel Pepys recorded the year 1666 in loving detail. Many saw apocalyptic elements in the fire and plague, especially based on the relationship of the year-number to 666, and its pan-digital nature in Roman Numerals.

In sixteen hundred and sixty-six
Old London burned like rotten sticks.

  - Nursery Rhyme
It may not be a well known fact that while London was burning, Sir Isaac Newton was playing around with his prisms. While officially he was breaking white light into its component colors, several historians now suspect that his motives were not so innocent. Although he claimed to have been visiting his mother in Leeds, evidence has reached the sensei909 detective squad that suggests that his mother had refused to talk to him for several years at that point, on account of being dead. It is therefore likely that just one year after laying the basis for apple warfare, Sir Isaac had moved to the hardball league, just as France was declaring war on England.

See, History can be fun!
"Thus ends this year of public wonder and mischief to this nation - and therefore generally wished by all people to have an end."

-Samuel Pepys, December 31

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