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Born in 1727:

Died in 1727: Events of 1727:

1726 - 1727 - 1728

How They Were Made - 18th Century

A cider, made by Symonds, a wholly owned subsiduary of Bulmer. Not to be confused with 'the other drink with a number in it', Kronenbourg 1664.

1727 is very dry, very strong, and very nice. It's 7.5% alcohol, which is almost a shame, since it's so tasty that I find I want to drink more of it than it's healthy to do at that strength.

Here in the UK, I've never seen it available on tap in a pub. It comes in 440ml cans from, well, Morrisons. You used to be able to get it at various places, but lately distribution has been rather limited. I e-mailed Bulmer about this - here's a quote from their response:

We cannot control which cider brands our customers choose to stock for you, THE CONSUMER. Unfortunately, due to low consumer demand, the only customer now taking the brand is Morrisons who are predominately (sic) Northern based.

Notice there that they are careful to remind me that I am THE CONSUMER, in case I've become confused somehow. I also like the suggestion that it is 'unfortunate' that the only customer taking the brand is 'predominantly Northern based'. The clear inference, I feel, is that that won't be much use to me, since I e-mailed them, and everyone knows that they don't even have electricity north of the Watford Gap.

However, they go on to say:

There are a few Cash and Carry groups that have placed orders. May we suggest that you ask at your local independent store if they could look around for you when they next visit their cash and carry.

In my opinion, it's well worth hunting down, being by far the nicest cider generally available in the UK.

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