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Olympics 1928 - Amsterdam, Holland
No. of countries: 46
No. of athletes: 3014 - (2724 m + 290 w)
No. of events: 126

Introducing the Olympic Flame. The medals get the design they have today.

Women were allowed in track and field. The 800 meters-run (some 880 yards) for women, was concluded to be too long a distance for women to run. This after several women collapsed during the event. It took until 1960 until women ran longer than 200 meters in the Olympics.

After being a candidate in 1916, 1920 and 1924, the Netherlands finally got their Olympic Games in 1928. In the newly built Olympic Stadium (40000 seats) in Amsterdam, two novelties were introduced at the opening ceremony: hundred of doves were released, as they used to do in the ancient Games, and the Olympic torch was lit, which would burn until after the closing ceremony.

The number of participating countries meant a new record. Pánama and Rhodesia made their debut.

Finland retained their prime position in track and field, although bald hero Paavo Nurmi only won one gold medal (on 10000 meters). The unknown Percy Williams of Canada won both sprint distances.

Johnny Weissmuller (Tarzan) was the fastest man in the swimming pool, while his fellow American Dorothy Poynton became one of the youngest medal winners ever by finishing second in platform diving at the age of 13 years and 23 days.

In the 6m sailing class, Norwegian prince Olaf was part of the goldwinning crew. He was later crowned king Olav V. India became hockey champions without conceding a goal while Uruguay defended its gold medal in football (soccer) with success by beating Argentina in the final.

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