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OK, so you're at a party and you find yourself talking to someone. This person is perfectly nice and more or less pleasant; but, unfortunately, said person has nothing interesting to say. The conversation lags, and you wonder about the best way to escape to some more exciting corner of the party. This wine is that person.

I should, perhaps, not be too quick to use this analogy--more often than not, I am that person. Therefore, think before inviting me to your next shindig.

I have come to have certain expectations about Chianti Classicos, and this wine failed to fulfill many of them. It was red and medium bodied, but otherwise it was like the wine wasn't there at all. There were some fruity aromas, but not the pleasant, inviting, flowery smell the Sangiovese grape is capable of. (I did get some of this after letting it breathe for a half hour, but not enough to justify the effort.) The taste offered some hint of berries and herbs, but not enough to warrant serious mention. The tannins were almost completely absent, leaving little or no finish. The term I've decided on for this wine is "flat"--it was not unpleasant, it was just completely without character.

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